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how it all began...

It is the year 1919. The defeat of the 'German Empire' leads to the end of the monarchy. The first german democracy arises. It's also the year, where the brothers Hubert and Leonhard Hofmann founded a company for producing agricultural machinery. This company were located in the Spitalgasse, in the ground floor of the former local vocational school.

After the inflation of 1923 the crisis years 1923 and 1924 get the company really into serious trouble. Leonhard Hofmann overcame it with great effort and ability. A prosperous boom began. In December 1925 Leonhard Hofmann gained his master's certificate, in November 1927 the company moved to 'Schellenfeld', the today's 'Hofmannstraße'. The invetsments increased clearly: the company presents itself in good condition with the new building of the foundry and of an assembly hall.

The Wall Street Crash and the following start of the global economic crisis in 1929 cause new trouble. But the company is not seriously affected by the turbulances on the global market. In the middle of the year 1934 the two company founders went their own ways. Leonhard took over the 'Maschinenfabrik', Hubert carried on the business of the foundry.

1933 the Nazis succeeded with the 'takeover', the unemployment went down continuously. During the concurrent recovery of the economy, Hofmann build another production hall for producing ball bearing houses and bandsaws.

On the 1st of September 1939 the second world war begins. At that time the factory employs 122 workers. The transfer to the wartime economy - Hofmann becomes an arms factory - takes place without bigger problems. But the lack of manpower because of the conscription of employees together with the shortage of raw materials on the market make the prduction more and more difficult.