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turn of the millenium

The turn of the millenium brings the startup of the sales company 'HOFMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH'. The latest production technology together with expert knowledge is the the signature feature of HOFMANN Maschinenfabrik. That's also symbolized by all the capable and highly motivated employees. The contemporary technical director Franz Firzlaff begins as craftsman in 1976. He is mainly responsible for the innovative state of technology at HOFMANN and the fact, that HOFMANN is innovation leader in many sectors. Long-term job tenur is not a rarity in this company. The base is the impressive social attitude of the company towards its workers and employees. The spirit "we are the company" is still alive at Hofmann.

A properly example for the result of this corporate policy is the presentation of the Universal Spindle Moulder UFM 210 VISION in 2002 - after long and elaborate development. This machine is an absolutely global novelty, the spindle is tiltable until +95,5°, all axes are driven linearly. Hofmann obtained a patent for this machine.

In 2004 the new milling machine generation TF / TFS 1245 replaces the previous types TF / TFS 1200. In 2005 HOFMANN launches an HSK-interface for the fast tool-changement on its milling machines - as one of the first on the market. In 2006 HOFMANN records a big success: more than 100 shapers of the type UFM 210 VISION have been delivered!

In 2007 HOFMANN presents the new "entry-level shaper" TFS 107 with very positiv feedback. In celebration of the fair "LIGNA" in Hanover the UFM 210 VISION appears with modernest touchscreen-control.