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the restart

The presence on the 'Hanover Fair' in 1950 symbilizes the start of new customer acquisitions. An essential part of the continous sales growth is the starting export business from 1951 on. After the securing international connections in europe, the nework is established over the other continents.

A continous expansion of the company makes the construction of a new foundry possible in 1955. That new part covers the demands of customers for cast iron for electric motors - additional to the own requirements. The company patriarch Leonhard Hofmann, who influenced the development of the company strongly, dies on 30.06.1961 - way too early. His wife Rosa Hofmann leads the company for the beginning.

In 1977 the property situation changes again. The company is converted into a GmbH. The shareholders Rosa Hofmann, Ernst Hartmann - in the company since 1948 - and Rainer Nölpp hold a third of the shares each. Ernst Hartmann is appointed as managing director. Due to his circumspection and courage, he gets the credits to 'sort out the mess' - the company is in trouble at this time. When Frau Hofmann died on 23.05.1978, Herr Hartmann and Herr Nölpp hold 50% of the shares each.

In the following years the company develops continously. Hofmann expands his network, continous exports stimulate the international trades. In 1982 the first machines are delivered to the USA. The International Crafts Fair in Munich honours the successful, innovative modernisation of the production in 1985 by awarding the HOFMANN thickness planer with 'state award with gold medal'. In 1987 this machine can be improved in an exemplary manner by equipping it with a infinitely variable, fequency-controlled feed rate.