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the post-war period

In april 1945 the US-Army marches into Franconia. Eugen Weber acts as trustee for the company. Applicable material and steel become very rare and are only available with ration coupons from the gouvernment. At first stoves are produced from salvage and remainders. But already in 1946 a new foundry could be built. Flat irons, vices and saw filing machines are manufactored as part of the extended production.

After the currency reform in 1948 the company profits from the general boom in the beginning time of the "Economic Miracle". The fiduciary administration ends and Leonhard Hofmann is able to take over his company again. The situation changes in general for every single person and also for the company. The western Allies agree on an involvement of Germany on the "European Recovery Programme". The currency reform takes effect, the "Deutsche Mark" is established as payment method. Finally basic materials are sufficiently available. In the same year Hofmann participates on the 1st International Crafts Fair in Munich.

In the course of the successful restart the manufactoring of drilling and woodworking machines is established. The production of drilling machines has been stopped after a short period, because a market saturation of this products was foreseeable. Finally Hofmann concentrates on woodworking machines and chnages its production completely over to it.