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Due to our large amount of in-house production HOFMANN company is always able to coordinate manufacturing processes fast and flexibly. Everything from the construction to the final assembly happens at our Bad Windsheim location - the quality attribute "made in Germany" is still alive over here! The factor 'technical know-how' is closely connected to that: who develops and produces so many products in the own factory for decades, collects automatically irreplaceable capacities of empirical values and technical knowledge. We provide the greatest amount of know-how in all areas...no matter, if construction, machining or assembly!

The processing of iron cast - espacially the highly accurate machining - is subject to special requirements: iron cast "works" - similar to wood - after removing the hard casting skin and requires special attention therefore. Whether cutting pressure on processing, lubricating coolants or specially made clamping devices - our company has adapted itself perfectly to this special material as an former part of a foundry over decades. Of course everything just happens for the benefit of the quality standards of our customers. Because cast iron still delivers best attributes for a lot requirements of our products.

We still plan our machine tables nowadays, what means significantly more effort to us compared to milling or grinding, but still delivers massive advantages for woodworking. So small cushions of air occur by the surface structure, which develops through planing, and guarantee a clearly improved workpiece transport by avoiding the sucking in-effect of too glossy tables.

This is just one example of many specialties of our production. This one and other operating procedures could only be ensured by the wealth of experience of our mostly long-time employees! But not just the working and processing of iron cast, but also of almost all other metallic materials belong to our daily production. Thereby the focus of all participants stays always on optimizing the processes.

Hand in hand this philosophy goes along with our modern machine park. Wether 5-axes CNC milling machine or highly contemporary CNC universal lathe with Y- and C-axis of the company 'Gildemeister' - we are prepared for every eventuality. Of course this fact is not remained unnoticed to others and so free capacities are often claimed by non-woodworking customers. Therefore we process as toll manufacturer most sophisticated products flexibely and reliably - this goes from single-item production to the production of small series.

But we are able to lead that trump espacially in our main business and offer special solutions to our customers for various challenges. This sensitizes us for a lot of problems in the daily business of woodworking and encourages ideas for steady improvements of our products - and so the circle of constant further development closes..

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