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Sliding table with pneumatical multiple clamping system


The demand was to clamp up to 5 workpieces of a pre-defined profile easy, fast and by a centrally controlled pneumatical clamping unit. The workpieces are connecting elements for building chairs, which are multiple slotted.

Because we expected variations in height of the profile, we scheduled one clamping cylinder for each workpiece. These are controlled by a central valve for foot operation and can be operated straightforwardly and fast.

Besides we had to watch out, that the clamping bridge could be removed and should be adjustable in height. This was realised by ergonomically mounted tilting levers

Of course we din't disregard the safety aspects and so corresponding provisions were made against crushing the fingers for example.

We choose 2 rubber buffers for each cylinder to guarantee a secure and reliable clamping without damaging the workpiece or even the surface; the clamping elements were protected against twisting by a sheet metal strip.

Finally we tested the functionality in our company to guarantee a reliable and secure operation for the customer. The pictured wood pieces are just similar in size and form to the real workpieces and can be seen as testing objects!