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We are also able to provide customized special solutions because of our high
degree of flexibility. These are always geared to the needs of our customers
in close co-oporation with them. If you need such a solution, please contact
us, because we don't know the term "impossible"! Some examples following

sliding table with pneumatical multiple clamping system

A sliding table has been extended by a pnematically operated clamping
system. That allows to clamp up to 5 workpieces with predefined size at
the same time. read more!

big sliding table with feed motor

Extension of a big standard sliding table by a feed motor, automatic return
run to the starting position and a clamping system. Adjustment of positioning
goes by limit switches. read more!

UFM 210 Vision with additional spindle

An UFM of the 1st generation was equipped with an additional spindle unit. The
speed is adjusted on an external switchbox, the adjustment in height and depth
 is made by hand and a second feeder is installed Read more...

Centric clamping unit for a LB 760

A clamping unit was fixed on the machine table of a dowel & slot drilling
machine type LB 760, which centers round logs of different diameters very
exactly to the middle of the drill chuck.

The shown examples are really just a very small part of our various range of
special solutions, which we produced for our customers in the past decades.
If you've got one of this solutions, which is not pictured over here, we would be 
very thankful, if you send some pictures to info@hofmann-maschinen.de
Probably that would look very good!