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Combined surface and thickness planer

AD 515 / 635

Strong as single versions, unbeatable together!
Without a doubt the unique combination of surface and thickness planer allows both operation modes without up-folding the tables - even at the same time! As a result time savings of 25% are very fast to reach. In addition up- and down-folding of the jointing tables is possible in every position of the thickness table, what's supposed to be another unique characteristic. The distinguished HOFMANN iron cast quality and the intelligent ergonomics round out the package perfectly.

some highlights in detail

AD 515 with fitted suction
Thickness planing with down-folded table
up-folded within seconds with minimal effort
up-folded thickness planing with protective cover

manual height adjustment without clamping
AD "LIFT" - up- and down-folding pneuma- tically supported
generous and neatly arranged control panel
integrated operating hours counter
main fence with inclu- ded auxiliary fence with one-hand operation
scale for workpiece size at the fence
standard safety guard "TX GL"
'Suvamatic'-guard for more comfort and safety
galvanized extension-table with equal running height adjustment
hollow and point rabbet adjustment
practical tool-box integrated in frond-end
strongly-ribbed cast iron table - stability all life long

Short movie to the product highlights