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Spindle moulder

TFS 107

"Best in low cost" - much machine for small money!
100 % "made in Germany" the shaper captivates by a solid basic configuration at an interesting price: it offers a swivel range from -45,5° to +45,5°, motive spindle positioning with LED displays, 7.5 kW engine with 4 speeds, clockwise / counterclockwise run of the spindle and much more. The perfect basis for reliable work.

some highlights in detail

total view of TFS 107
swivel range from -45,5° to +45,5°
neatly arranged control panel at the machine front
quick clamping nut "fix"

feeder with stand mounted on the machine table
HOFMANN milling guard "Centrex" • easily & fast adjustable
swivel unit for the fence
sliding table mounted on the machine table