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Centric clamping unit for LB 760


Our customer wished to get a device mounted on the machine table of a dowel & slot drilling machine, which enables to clamp an drill round logs of different diameters centrically in one height position.

Due to the fact, that all of the available clamping units are construed relative to the middle of the machine table, it was a logical consequence to use this fact for building the wanted unit the same way. Therefore the hardened boring bushes in the table work as guiding elements for the cylindrical pin on the underside of the clamping unit. Additionally the unit is screwed on the left and right side on the table. 

The clamping of the workpieces was realized with a bridge, which consists of a linear unit and two carriages. These carriages move in exactly the same transformation ratio to the middle or away from it, if the lateral fitted handwheel is turned clockwise resp. counter-clockwise. The guiding of the workpieces is realized with two aluminium jaws with rubber-inlays.

Der Bediener muss nun nur noch die Backen durch drehen des Handrades öffnen, das Werkstück einlegen und wieder zudrehen. Anschließend ist das Rundholz exakt mittig und genau auf 50 mm Höhe gespannt. Nun muss nur noch die gewünschte Tiefe am Tiefenanschlag eingestellt werden und so ist eine regelrechte Massenfertigung mit sehr kurzen Rüstzeiten möglich.