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the range of functions can be expanded with the following options • please click on the plus-symbol on the right side for more information

• cnc-comfort

10,4'' touchscreen TFT LCD VGA, instead of 5,7'' • bigger screen ⇒ bigger buttons, symbols and letters


more pictures

control panel with big 10,4" touchscreen
improved overview • bigger buttons, symbols and letters

• operating support

• includes holding fixture and electromotive height adjustment for the feeder as additional axis • integrated in control and • stored in program  • pneumatical clamping • axis “height” can be fine adjusted while the spindle is running • (feeder is not included!) +++ when placing order please specify Ø of lateral rod of feeder

operating support for the adjustment of the feeder height

• equipment for milling fences

  • swivel unit for milling fence
     fence can be moved up and down by turning a handwheel
    (the fence is electromotively lifted up and down on option ''operating support'')
  • splinter tongue, aluminium anodized
  • safety rulers aluminium anodized (5 pieces) and milling board for the cast iron jaws
  • integral fence jaws 500 / 650 mm instead of multiplex plates
  • integral fence jaws 650 / 650 mm instead of multiplex plates
  • filling bar for the integral fence jaws
  • spreader for the integral fence jaws
swivel unit for milling fence
splinter tongue, aluminium anodized
safety rulers
integral fence jaws

filling bar

• feeder & equipment

  • feeder type 308 
    engine power 0,75 kW, 3 rolls, 8 speeds, incl. stand
  • feeder type 408 
    engine power 0,75 kW, 4 rolls, 8 speeds, incl. stand
  • continuously variable speed control 
    for feeder type 308 und 408 (400 Volt / 50 Hz / 3 phases) operating elements in the control panel

      +++ for other feeders we calculate a fee for adaptation

  • console for feed support
    if the feeder should not be mounted on the table (not available on option "operation support")
  • console for feed support - can be swivelled 
    to swivel the feeder backwards (not available on option "operation support")
continuously variable speed control
console for feed support

• mortise and tenon

  • sliding table
  • height adjustable, insertable to the spindle and foldable
    hardened guide shaft with adjustable and highly precise ball-bearings 
    guide rail movable
    can be used as table extension because of its closed and finest planed surface
    eccentric fixers and protection hood are included (for tool-Ø from 250 to 350 mm)
    if using the hood max. speed is 4.500 rpm 
  • rip fence LAS 1.750 mm
  • rip fence LAS 2.750 mm
  • sliding table  incl. eccentric fixers 
    for mounting on the machine table
    usable table size 410 x 225 mm, total length 1.050 mm
    max. workpiece clamping length 1,20 - 1,50 m
    approx. moving range 710 mm
    design height above table 58 mm 
    with hardened guide shafts with adjustable and highly precise ball-bearings
  • protection hood for the sliding table (for tool-Ø from 250 to 350 mm) 
    (already included on sliding table order-no 50050)
total view of the sliding table
front view of the sliding table
sliding table as table extension
sliding table down-folded

total view of the rip fence
detail view of the rip fence
sliding table
protection hood

• safety and other useful equipment

  • Bowmouldmaster
    (Aigner) instead of the standard chip collector and moulding guard FRS 95
  • kickback guard 
    for insert moulding • with 2 mounting shafts
  • kickback guard 
    for insert moulding • without mounting shafts • kickback guard order-no 5121 is required
  • counter stop 
    with digital readouts • for the exact milling on size • adjustment range 90 mm • standard opening 165 mm
  • HOFMANN Guardian
    • locking of the fence jaws is controlled • if the jaws are not locked starting the machine is impossible resp. the running spindle stops • an unwanted crash of jaws and tool can be prevented • applied for a patent
  • HOFMANN Pointer
    for defining the zero point in height and depth • on reaching the zero point there is an optical and acoustical signal • wireless, therefore it‘s universally usable • works with all kinds of material, even with wood 
  • suction chute below table
    on the left side upwards  •  instead of the middle
AIGNER Bowmouldmaster
chip collector and moulding guard FRS 95
kickback guard
counter stop with digital readouts

HOFMANN Guardian

• equipment for CNC-technologie

  • USB-stick with backup software for CNC-eco und CNC-comfort 
    necessary to include own pictures of workpieces and tools
  • training on control mode CNC at HOFMANN factory or at customers company (plus travelling expenses)

• packing

  • transport packing (wooden planks round about) 
    strongly recommended for collective transport and Export !!!
  • see freight

• miscellaneous

  • special solutions one request
    some examples under products → special solutions

Please note that all optional equipment is listed without limitation or proofing the technical feasibility on single machine types.