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Das neue Kraftpaket aus dem Hause HOFMANN die Dickenhobelmaschine Typ D 636

Anläßlich der Ligna in Hannover stellte HOFMANN die neue Dickenhobelmaschine Typ D 636, das Nachfolgemodell zur bewährten D 632 vor. Das neue moderne Design des gesamten Maschinenprogramms findet hier seine Fortführung. Natürlich wurde die Maschine aber auch technisch weiter modernisiert und verbessert. Die Dickentischverstellung erfolgt über ein modernes Bedienpanel mit Tastern für die Verstellung im Eil- oder Schleichgang sowie durch Antippen Verstellung im 1/10 mm Bereich. Optional ist auch eine Positioniersteuerung mit 250 Speicherplätzen möglich. Ein Betriebsstundenzähler ist bereits enthalten. Praktisches Detail, das in der Maschine integrierte Zubehörfach. Bei der Konstruktion wurde wiederum auf den guten Breitennutzungsfaktor von nur 1,7 wert gelegt (umso kleiner der Faktor umso weniger Platzbedarf ist nötig). Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass der Absaugstutzen der standardmäßig links sitzt ganz einfach auf rechts umgebaut werden kann, sollten die Gegebenheiten vor Ort das erfordern. Die bewährten Details der Premiummaschinen aus dem Hause Hofmann sind selbstverständlich auch in diesem Modell enthalten. So sorgen zwei Gummiauszugswalzen für satten Durchzug. Der Dickentisch ist neben den vier Hubspindeln zusätzlich vierfach geführt. Zudem ist der Gusstisch feinst gehobelt. Das dadurch entstehende Luftpolster lässt das Werkstück leichter gleiten. Die Walzen sind schwingend gelagert und jede Walze ist separat auf beiden Seiten einstellbar. Größter Wert wurde bei der Entwicklung auch auf das Thema Lärm gelegt, so dass die Maschine über sehr gute Emissionswerte verfügt.

Moulder TFS 107 available with variable speed


Was our "smallest" only available with 4 speeds so far, continuously variable speed regulation is also optionally available now. The frequency controlled 7.5 kW engine offers a range of 1,500 to 10,000 rpm. The adjustment takes place in steps by hundreds or thousands. A fully adjustable speed offers a higher value of working quality. Another advantage is the time savings by the fast and comfortable speed change.

A completely new look for our HOFMANN-Homepage


There it is - the HOFMANN-Homepage has been re-designed elaborately and offers a maximum of information about the newest developments in the range of standard machines of the woodworking sector from now on.
In the news sector you can find a overview of HOFMANN's newest innovations, following fair dates and press releases for download. The product overview shows a pictured summary of the characteristics and highlights of the different machine types. Behind the second 'tab' you can find the basic features and the technical specifications and on clicking the third one you'll reach the optional equipments and downloads.
Additionally the point 'company' shows the history of HOFMANN and a small overview of our production. German and european partners can be found in 'distribution'! The contact form and the partner-login are located in the HOME-page. HOFMANN service partners get their access data on request directly from us and get access to downloads like manuals, repair parts lists or schematic circuit diagrams. A link to a round-up on our speciality - the topic 'iron cast' - is also located over there.
If you click on a company logo of one of our partners, you get automatically to their website; by clicking on a small picture with a magnifying glass symbol this picture will be displayed in a much bigger version including a detailed description field. All the informations and pictures will be updated right now and also in the future. That's why a lot of new stuff will apear in the near future and a frequent visits of our homepage will be worth!

A lot new features for the HOFMANN shaper type TF / TFS 1245


An elegant design and a pleasant colouring enhance this established shaper furthermore. The kind of the massive iron cast construction is maintained. Practical orientated details like the tool deposit, which is integrated in the machine front, gain perceptible added value. As another novelty the machine is now deliverable with modern milling technology including a 5,7“ touchscreen. This machine enables really perfect the entrance into the world of CNC-technology! Depending on the type of the machine, 'height' and 'milling angle' are CNC-controlled axes. The control can be expanded to direct up to 4 axes. It also provides up to 99999 program- and tool storage places. It's distinguished by an especially easy and self-explaning operator interface. All the symbols are text-supported, that guarantees an intuitive operating all the time. Additionally there's an information and hint line, which helps the operator with tips, what to do next. The structure of control panels and symbols are the same in all masks. The configuration also includes a powerful 7.5 kW engine in standard.

HOFMANN combined surface & thickness planer type AD 515 / 635 - the evolution of a success story


From now on the successor of the proven AD 514 / 634 is available in modern design and new colouring. The unique handling - surface and thickness planing without up-folding the tables even at the same time - didn't change of course. The machine got a new central, ergonomically convenient operation control. On the operating place there is an additional on- and off-switch right now. Another improvement is the new self-locking lever for adjusting the chip removal. Right now it hasn't to be clamped as before. Even on this machine there's a deposit box integrated in the frontside, which provides additional space for equipment and tools and and also gains perceptible added value for an efficient operation. As another novelty the combined one is now also available as a budget-friendly version, which hasn't the possibility to fold-up the tables. Of course you don't have to go without the familiar HOFMANN quality and precision on this AD 'fix' as well.

A short movie about the product highlights can be found here!

HOFMANN Pointer - now as universal solution for all surface materials


No matter, if wired and integrated in the machine control or as an external solution: you can save a lot of valuable time with the new HOFMANN Pointer and measure your tools to zero very fast and exactly...and from now on this works on all surface materials!
The zero-setting device for shapers, the HOFMANN Pointer, has been decisively improved: so far it only worked on non-coated metallic surfaces, but now it works on all kind of surface materials reliably! As far as the zero-point has been reached, it puts an optical signal as well as an acoustical one. If integrated in the control of the machine, it sets the incremental amount of the choosen axis automatically to zero.
Consequently the pointer is now universally usable on all machines, where setting a zero-point is needed - no matter, if HOFMANN or external brand. Therefore it works perfectly as an upgrade for existing machines!